Sunny Lowdown

The Lowdown Blues…

New Release – “Shady Deal” – Has Hit The Streets!

“This utter badass has a wonderful under the radar record here that’s sure to fly high in the long run. A through original, every move this cat makes is going to grab you. Killer stuff.​” – The Midwest Record

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Sunny Lowdown’s first release was entitled “The Blues, Volume Low”, and that remains his approach to the blues on this latest release, “Shady Deal”, a followup to his Blues Blast Music Award nominated “Down Loaded”. He takes his time, and doesn’t hit you over the head. His power is in his tone and phrasing. You might call it a Clint Eastwood approach. No screaming – just a quiet “make my day” that send chills up your spine. From his swampy reworking of The Rolling Stones‘ “Satisfaction” to his stark “Christmas Eve Blues”, to the romantic “Tried And True” and the hilarious whims of “Clip On Man Bun Blues”, to the wild textures of “Chicken In A Basket” performed with The Uptown Food Syndicate, Sunny is his own man, giving you his own take on a world we all struggle with day to day. Sometimes it’s a celebration. Often it’s a shady deal.

Sunny Lowdown was only sixteen when he played his first professional gig backing John Lee Hooker. He has since worked with many of his favorite blues musicians: Howlin’ Wolf guitarist Hubert SumlinMuddy Waters pianist Pinetop Perkins, Chicago blues legends Otis Rush and George “Wild Child” Butler, Fat Possum recording artists R.L. Burnside and Cedell Davis, and others. Before acquiring the nickname “Sunny Lowdown”, Sunny had achieved renown as Louie X. Erlanger, guitarist for the group Mink DeVille, during which time Mick Jagger had called him one of his favorite guitarists. His guitar playing can be heard in many feature films, including “Breathless”“Pope of Greenwich Village”“In The Land of Women”“Blue Collar” and the recent popular Showtime TV series “Billions”.

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